Why You Would Want An ESTA Visa USA Application

If you are going to get a visa to go into another country, perhaps because you will be there for 90 days or more, it is recommended that you get an ESTA Visa USA application so that you can start this process. To travel from the United States into a different country, if you will be there for longer than three months, this is something that you will need. This will give you permission from that country to remain for an extended period, though not indefinitely, for either business or pleasure.

What Is An Electronic System For Travel Authorization Visa?

This is a visa that is required as of 2007 for those that are going to visit in the Visa Waiver Program countries. It’s an automated system, one that will automatically show that you are eligible to visit. This does not work both ways and that if you are not a citizen of the United States, you cannot apply for one and then come to the USA. There are many questions that you will have to answer as you fill out this application which is available on the DHS website.

How Do You Start The Process?

This process is very easy to start. You simply go to the Department of Homeland Security website so that you can begin the process. You can fill out everything on the website, submit it, and then wait for verification that it has been received so that you can complete the process of obtaining one. It does take a few weeks, if not longer, for the visa to be issued.

Once this is done, you will be able to travel to several different countries that are part of the VWP. This is definitely something that you do not need if you are going to be traveling into Mexico or Canada. It pertains to only those on that list, and for countries that are not on that list, this cannot be used. However, most of the countries that on there are some of the more popular countries in the world, so it is likely that it will apply to whatever country that you would like to visit if you are going on vacation, or if you happen to be traveling to this country as part of your job. The sooner that you start this process with the ESTA Visa USA application, the faster that this process will be completed so that you can do your traveling.