Travel To Brazil & Visit These Five Cities And Five Top Attractions

Brazil is an enormous country, and it helps to know where to visit when you’re on vacation there. Have you traveled the country before? Did you know that Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world? In terms of population, it ranks #6. There are so many cities to visit and so many attractions. When you travel to Brazil, the following are five top places of interest you might want to explore.

Praca da Matriz is a historical neighborhood with cobbled streets. The old town is located within Paraty, and you can walk right up to the harbor. Reviews mention that there are 4 historical churches to visit while you are there and that touring the area takes a couple of hours. Praca da Matriz is a world heritage site, and it’s going to be one great adventure.

Brazil features quite a few great beaches, and one of them is Frances Beach in Marchel Deodoro. This beach can get pretty packed, and there are some wonderful restaurants in the area according to reviews. The sun, sand, and surf await you. Speaking of the surf, it is said to be good, which makes for some fun out there in the water. In fact, you can take some surfing classes if you like.

Are you looking for a good theme park to visit? Beto Carrero World is the place to go in Brazil, and you will find it in Penha. It’s like the Disney World of South America. It is quite a lot of fun for all ages, and there are so many attractions there. You will find a zoo area, too. If it shows you like, the Fast and Furious is said to be a blast. There is a great food court at Beto Carrero World, and the theme park is going to make for an entire day of family fun.

When you travel to Brazil, another great place to visit is Sugarloaf Mountain. Sugarloaf Mountain is in Rio de Janeiro, and it’s time to get in a cable car and take in some gorgeous views. Get a good look at Guanabara Bay, Copacabana Beach and more. It’s said to be one of the most beautiful sights in the city. Sugarloaf Mountain, as you can imagine, is a great place to visit during both sunrise and sunset.

Ibirapuera Park is the last featured attraction, and you’re going to make your way to Sao Paulo. There is a big lake there, and you’re going to see black swans, too. You can play sports, visit the museum of modern art, stop by the Japanese gardens and much more. This is a wonderful oasis when in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Traveling Brazil is going to be a blast. Each of the five featured attractions is located in a different city. That helps you get around, and you can explore the cities further, too. You know you would like to see more of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Have a great vacation in the gorgeous country of Brazil.